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Thigh High Socks Turquoise Grape Dip Dye Romantic Lingerie Tie Dye Stockings

Thigh High Socks Turquoise Grape Dip Dye Romantic Lingerie Tie Dye Stockings


These sexy thigh high socks are the perfect gift for your partner. She'll feel pampered and loved and comfy-- but she'll look sexy! She'll feel like you really thought about her and how she feels, but you'll feel like the gift is secretly for you because she looks hot in them. These socks are saucy and flirty but also tasteful-- a hard to find combination.

She'll love lounging around the house in these long cozy socks. She can also wear them scrunched down as normal boot socks with her favorite outfits. They'll be her favorite gift, and she'll remember how much you love her every time she wears them.

You'll definitely get bonus points with this thoughtful gift. She'll tell all her friends what a great gift giver you are, because she'll be blown away by how thoughtful you were.

She wants these socks but maybe wouldn't get them for herself, which makes them the perfect gift for her.

Women love these socks. Just read my reviews. 

Ladies always have cold feet, and they love cozy comfy things and feeling pampered... and they like to look amazing, which she will in these long sexy socks.

They're made in the USA from recycled cotton, so you can feel good about the environment and supporting a small local business. I work with an artisanal knitter in North Carolina that uses vintage knitting machines and custom spun wool.

These socks are one size and fit up to size 16 pants.

You'll thank me.

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