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Lounge Collection Recommended Wholesale Order

Lounge Collection Recommended Wholesale Order


It's time to Snuggle.

I’ve been writing all about the new Peony and Moss lounge collection.  I launched this collection to help women pamper themselves, and have a more cozy, snuggly life.  We all need time to recharge.  I spent way too much time in my life being miserable because I wasn't taking care of myself, and I don't want that for anyone.

It’s one of the reasons your customers love coming into your store.  It’s a way for them to have a little me time and pamper themselves.

Imagine a customer comes in on her lunch break.  She just found out she didn't get the promotion, and that a younger, less qualified new coworker did.  So she sneaks out and pops into her happy place, your shop.  She can feel the weight and stress of work melt off her shoulders as she looks around at all the beautiful items on every shelf.  She can't wait for this day to be over so she can go home, change out of her work clothes, and put her feet up.  She can't wait to spend time with her husband and children, to order a pizza and watch a movie together.  They're what really matter in her life.  She chooses a robe and stashes it in her car on her way back to work, knowing she may have had a crappy day, but a really fun, comforting night awaits her.  She'll pick up a bottle of wine on the way home, and maybe her husband will even give her a food rub.

The minute she walks in the door, she changes her clothes and feels all the baggage of the day melt away.  She pulls on her new bathrobe and huge the people who love her most.  She realizes her life is pretty much as good as it gets, and after a night of relaxation, she'll feel recharged to start looking for a new, more fulfilling job.

Your store is all about taking care of your customers.  You’re there to meet their needs before they even know them themselves.  You help them find items that will make their lives better, whether it’s the perfect gift, a much needed essential, or a fun item to make the day special.

Your customers will love finding the Peony and Moss lounge collection in your store.  Each item is carefully designed to be as snuggly and cozy as possible.  They’ll know you’re looking out for their needs with the perfect items to pamper themselves and make their home more inviting.

The bathrobe makes every day a day at the spa.

The blankets make a home warm and welcoming.

The long cardigan lets it’s wearer feel cozy all day at work, while still looking professional.

The shawls add warmth to any outfit to transition her wardrobe to cooler fall and winter weather.

I’ve had the biggest response to this collection of anything I’ve ever designed.  Early teaser photos on social media were always met with “I want one!”  I launched a Kickstarter to pre-sell the collection retail, and it was fully funded in only 4 days.  Many backers bought the entire collection, not just one item. 
These items are popular because everyone wants to take care of themselves.

I’m offering a limited time pre-order discount of 10% off a recommended order of the lounge collection.  The recommended order includes 6 of each item 3 in salt n’ pepper and 3 in charcoal.  You'll get the bathrobe, the medium and large blanket, the long cardigan, and the triangular and rectangular shawls.  
Pricing per item:
Snuggle Robe: wholesale $74.50.  With discount $67.05.  Retail $149
Snuggle Blanket- Medium: wholesale $44.50.  With discount $40.05.  Retail $89
Snuggle Blanket-Large: wholesale $59.50.  With discount $53.55.  Retail $119
Long Cardigan: wholesale $49.50.  With discount $44.55.  Retail $99
Cuddle Shawl- Triangle: wholesale $34.50.  With discount $31.05.  Retail $69
Cuddle Shawl- Rectangle: wholesale $60.50.  With discount $54.45.  Retail $121
You can buy each item individually, but the discount is only available on the recommended order, or larger orders.

The total price for the recommended order, 6 of each item, is $1744.20.  The retail value is $3876.

I accept full refunds on any items for any reason.  You can buy the full order, and return any items that don’t sell.

Yes, this collection is a bigger investment to bring into your store than socks.  Carrying a few higher priced items is great for your bottom line, because you get more money per sale.  The socks are a great add-on item to add profit to every sale.

Each item is  easy to care fore, just machine wash warm, tumble dry low.

They are made in the USA from a recycled cotton blend.

The Peony and Moss lounge collection is just what you and your customers have been waiting for.

Place your order with the pink add to cart button above.  

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