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Long Cardigan

Long Cardigan


Loungewear Collection - Long Cardigan

Cardigans are made with the same marl yarn as our thigh highs. Available in two colors - Salt N' Pepper or Charcoal. Sales are for preorder. Items will be shipped in late November 2017.

"Is it possible to be cozy at work? Lately, I’ve been focusing on all the ways one can make themselves cozy at home. But is it possible to be cozy at work? Finally something actually relevant, because offices are freezing this time of year! I’m launching my lounge collection now, in the hot summer, because I’m raising funds to go into production for this fall. I spent the past 10 years in offices designing products a year before they went into stores. And the office was never the right temperature!

Everyone dressed in layers, wearing a cardigan or a scarf or both. Most people kept an extra layer at their desk for those inexplicably cold days or a meeting in the cold conference room. Office buildings have their own weather, and it can be really difficult to feel comfortable there! Some days we all want to stay in our pajamas and bathrobe, but we force ourselves to put on work clothes. We long for Friday when we can at least wear jeans. We seek out office clothes that are comfortable to wear all day. If only there was an outfit that was as cozy as our favorite pajamas...?

The new Peony and Moss Long Cardigan feels like a bathrobe, but is professional and stylish for work. It’s the perfect garment for being cozy at work, and staying comfortable year round.

Here are some ways to wear the long cardigan:

-Over a dress
-With a blouse and slacks
-With jeans on Friday
-Keep it at your desk for cold air conditioning or weak heating
-With black joggers on days you don’t want to get out of your pajamas
-Over a tunic and leggings

The flattering deep V front closure, with hook and eye, hides the bad spots and shows off the good ones. If you’re too professional for the robe and blankets, this is the item for you.

Who knew you could be cozy and professional!" - Eva Spitzer, Peony and Moss Owner and Designer

This collection was fully funded on Kickstarter in just four days!

Women's one size. Beautiful loungewear designed in Seattle. Made on specialty knitting machines. Made in USA. Recycled cotton blend.

Machine wash, do not dry clean or bleach.


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