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Lace Trim Recommended Wholesale Order

Lace Trim Recommended Wholesale Order


Our recommended order of a selection of our best selling lace trim socks.

Stock your store with our best sellers.  Socks are a great add-on item to increase the size of your average sale.  They make a thoughtful, easy gift.  They're perfect for mom's, daughters, and sisters, and since they're one size, they also work for someone you don't know well enough to know their shoe size.  They say, "I care about your warmth and comfort."  

A lot of people still buy their own socks at big box stores, but they're looking for a more thoughtful, socially conscious and higher quality choice.  People shop in your store because they're looking for exceptional items.

These socks are made in the USA, many from recycled cotton.  They're long lasting and on the off chance that someone were to have a problem with them, we happily replace them.  For every pair sold, we give a pair to someone in need.

I carefully and thoughtfully designed every pair we sell.  High quality socks is a nice way to pamper yourself and stay comfortable.  Beautiful patterns and colors make every day a little more special.

Help your customers buy a head to toe finished look, including pants, a shirt, shoes, socks, and jewelry.

This recommended buy is an easy way to stock your store with proven sellers, so you don't have to wonder if they'll sell.  Here's what this order contains 6 pairs each of these 6 styles


Lace Trim Crew Socks in Wine and Grey

Lace Trim Knee Socks in Black, Coffee, Grey, and Ivory


Wholesale cost $480

Retail value $960



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