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Monthly Sock Delivery Unlimited

Monthly Sock Delivery Unlimited


Are you tired of wearing socks that are full of holes?  It’s time to do Marie Kondo proud and declutter your sock drawer.  Every month, we’ll send you a new pair of socks.  This is your opportunity to throw out those old ratty pairs that aren’t bringing you joy. 

Each month when your socks arrive, take those dirty, hole-filled, heal-worn-through socks off your feet and drop them in the trash.  Open your gift to yourself and pull on your new pair of socks.  Feel how good your feet feel.  Notice how good your outfit looks with a nice pair of socks.

Pour yourself a glass of wine and make a plate of cheese and crackers.  Put on your favorite Netflix show.  Put your feet up.  Spend a few minutes enjoying the view of your beautiful sock-wrapped toes.  Wiggle them around, and settle in for an evening of pampering yourself.

If for some reason you don’t like the pair you’ve received, simply return or exchange them.  Cancel your subscription at any time. 

Your feet deserve better than you’ve been treating them.  I won’t describe dirty socks or unhealthy feet, because yuck, but let’s just say happy, healthy feet are in your future.

Each month you’ll receive a gift of socks from our collection.  It could be a pair of our thigh high sweater socks ($36 value), or a selection of our other socks.  A three pack of short patterned socks ($36 value), a pair of our short sweater socks and a pair of liner socks ($38 value) or some other combination of our beautiful socks.

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