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Large Charcoal Snuggle Blanket


Loungewear Collection: Snuggle Blanket - Large

Blankets are made with the same marl yarn as our thigh highs. Available in two colors - Salt N' Pepper or Charcoal. Sales are for preorder. Items will be shipped in late November 2017. 

"Blankets are another item my mom used to give me as gifts that I didn’t really get.

Then I realized blankets are awesome.

We first get a special blanket as a baby for comfort. Do you remember your baby blanket? There’s no reason why we can’t comfort ourselves with blankets as adults. Babies aren’t the only ones who need taking care of—we all do.

For the most vulnerable among us—babies, homeless, the elderly—the most comforting gift we can think of is a blanket. As I often say, you have to help yourself before you can help others. You have to give yourself a blanket first.

I recently read an article on the blog Mr. Money Mustache about Manfred Max-Kneef’s hierarchy of needs.

They are:
Sustenance (food and water)
Protection (safety and shelter)
Affection (love and friendship)
Understanding (making sense of life)
Participation(being part of a social process)
Leisure (time to reflect on things, daydream, and relax)
Creation (making things)
Identity (knowing who you are)
Freedom (choosing for oneself)

Not meeting any of these leads to misery. If you look back at the times you were most miserable, you probably weren't having these needs met. A blanket helps us meet protection, affection, and leisure. A good blanket is truly a fundamental and universal human need. Even during a heat wave I sleep with a blanket because it fills that feeling of comfort needed for a restful sleep.

Here are some awesome things to do with a blanket:

-Build a fort.
-Watch movies and TV.
-Stay warm.
-Sit around a backyard fire long into the night and talk with friends.
-Picnic at a park or beach.
-Bring a blanket on a trip for sleeping on the road- in the car, on the plane, in a new bed.
-Read a book.
-Work from home, with a blanket on your lap.
-Survive the office air conditioning.
-Take a sick day or personal day.
-Use as a bedspread.
-Use as a bed cover for the cat to lie on, to be removed before sleeping, and to protect the bed from cat hair.
-An extra blanket in the guest room for guests who get cold.
-A throw blanket on the couch makes the living room 100% snugglier and more inviting.
-An extra blanket lets you keep your heat lower and save money and the environment.

Wow blankets are incredible. None of us can live without them. That’s why I created the new Peony and Moss Snuggle Blankets.

They’re made from the same cozy recycled cotton blend as our thigh high socks, in a beautiful knit pattern. The medium blanket is a perfect couch throw, and the large blanket (featured here) is a full sized bedspread. These blankets make life the snuggliest it can possibly be.

Find some time to snuggle today!" - Eva Spitzer, Peony and Moss Owner and Designer

This collection was fully funded on Kickstarter in just four days!

Women's one size. Beautiful loungewear designed in Seattle. Made on specialty knitting machines. Made in USA. Recycled cotton blend.

Machine wash, do not dry clean or bleach.

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