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Why did you start Peony and Moss?

We love beautiful patterned socks, and we know a lot of other people do too.  We want to create beautiful socks for women who love socks.  We like socks that aren't too thin or too thick, and have a really pretty fun pattern.  We also like special little details like ruffles and pucker stitches.  We felt like there were a lot of cool new socks our there for men  but no one was focusing on special socks for women in exactly the style and quality we were looking for.  So we created them.


 What are your socks made of?

They are made of really soft high quality cotton with nylon to hold their shape and spandex to make them stretchy.  Sometimes the yarns in the pattern of the sock are nylon and the base yarn is cotton.  The yarns are custom dyed to the Pantone colors we request.  The fiber content is 85% Cotton, 15%Nylon, 5% Spandex.


Where are your socks made?

Our socks are made on hard-to-find specialty knitting machines in Haining, China.  We had a hard time finding a knitter who could make our unique detailed designs in small minimums with our specially chosen pantone colors.  Eventually we found a wonderful contact in Haining, an industrial city on the east coast of China, generally south of Beijing and north of Taiwan, in Zhejiang Province. It is in the south side of Yangtze River Delta.  Haining is known for its leather industry and spectacular tide in the Qiantang River.  Our factory is externally audited and certified by an independent third-party, Intertek, a large multinational inpection company based in London.  They have recieved an achievement award for  labor, wages & hours, health & safety, management system, and environment.  In short, we care about good production practices and make sure we follow them.


Will my socks wear out?

Our socks are high quality and long-lasting.  The colors will not fade over time, and they can be washed many, many times.  If you really love your socks and wear them all the time, they may eventually wear out.  We would be happy to replace, free of charge, any socks that wear out.


What if I don't like my socks?

We're pretty sure you'll love them, but if for any reason you would like to return them, we would be happy to return them for a full refund, including return shipping.


Can I sell your socks in my store?

Absolutely!  Please contact us through our wholesale page.


Can I order a bulk order for my whole family, organization or wedding party?

Absolutely!  Please email us at


Are Peony and Moss socks good for crafting creatures like sock monkeys and sock puppets?

Yes they are!  Peony and Moss socks are made of thick, durable cotton held together with nylon and spandex.  You can cut the socks and they won't unravel, so you can sew them up into a whole new creation.  Please send us your pictures!


Can I send some of your socks gift wrapped and with a custom message as a gift?

We'd love to help you make someone's day special.  Go ahead and place your order, and send us a note to or us at 513-543-8067.  Our moms do this all the time.


How do you mail your orders?

All orders are mailed through the U.S. postal service.  We love sending old school packages-- it's so much better than email.


Can I model for you?  

Yes you can!  We're currently casting for our next photo shoot.  Email us at


Are you going to do men's socks?

We might do them in the future, but our specialty is ruffles and we're not sure men would like that.

Are you going to expand into clothing?

Right now we are working on expanding our sock offering, but we might do clothing in the future.  Our designer has designed all different types of apparel, not just socks.


Are you going to sell children's socks?

Right now we're keeping it with women's, although we should mention that our socks will fit older girls.  


Where can I buy your socks?

You can buy our socks here on our website, or from our fabulous list of retailers.


More questions?  Please email us at

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