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I started this #sock #brand, Peony and Moss, and have been growing it slowly. It has been a lot of hard work to start my own #business, but it has also been an amazing #success. It has been such a learning process. I already knew the #fashion industry and how to #design and develop a piece of #clothing, thanks to learning to sew as a kid, #shopping at thrift stores and malls, watching the fashion channel, reading fashion books, attending #RISD, designing at Macy's, freelancing, but I had no idea how to start my own company. I just jumped in and started swimming. Learning to do #sales was the hardest part for me, but luckily it wasn't too hard after just reading a few sales books, following what they said, and just keeping trying until I started to figure it out. My husband helps a lot with sales at trade shows, and I have a wonderful rep in LA, Bernadette Mopera. 

I started with just six #socks #designs, 50 pairs each. I posted about them in an online #art class I was taking, and one person bought a pair. I contacted 100 #stores and got no response. I did a local #tradeshow, and wrote 5 small orders, enough to pay for the cost of the show. I also met a #rep to carry my line at that show. He recommended I add another 24 #designs, so I did. The rep didn't work out, but his #advice to grow the line, and the #confidence I got from getting a rep was a big help. I attended the Seattle Gift Show a few months later, and my #business really started to grow. I started getting into more and more #boutiques, and having events on #Zulily, and even got a lot of #holiday #sales through Etsy. Rob and I attended #Magic, the biggest #apparel trade show in the country, and added some larger accounts and a lot more boutiques. Modcloth, Newbury Comics, and Nordstrom Pop-In shops all ordered my socks last fall, which was really overwhelming and came as a surprise! I hired an assistant to help me ship orders and stay on top of everything. I struggled to find #manufacturers, keep #products in stock, and test new #styles. I got to travel for business and to work from home with a cat on my lap.

 I'm currently #designing #new #collections and preparing for the next #trade shows. I'm really #thankful for this #opportunity to start my own #business, and I'm excited to see how it grows. While you're doing your  #shopping this year, I hope you'll consider helping me grow and sustain this little #fashion business. Give a pair of socks from #Socks tell your loved one that you care about their comfort, want them to be#warm and #cozy, and help them be brave in their future endeavors by preventing cold feet. They've certainly given me a lot of confidence.

Eva Spitzer, Founder & Designer, Peony and Moss



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