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News from Peony and Moss Socks

My Knitwear Experience

I was reflecting about my experience in art and design over on my personal blog,  I thought it would be fun to share here because what makes Peony and Moss designs special is my background in knitwear.  I absolutely love researching unique knitting techniques and coming up with new creative pattern ideas.  The hardest part of launching Peony and Moss was finding a specialty knitter that had the right unique circular sock knitting machines available and could achieve our special details.   Here's the re-post from my blog:   I'm a knitwear designer.  Right now that means I design...

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Ad on Design Sponge

  Yay!  We're testing an ad on Design Sponge for two weeks starting today!  Very excited to work with such an amazing blog.  I've loved Design Sponge for years, and it's been a huge influence on how I've designed my house.  I'm so excited to have the opportunity to partner with them. If you came here from the Design Sponge site, welcome!  Thanks so much for looking around-- we hope you love our socks as much as we do.  We're running a special promotion right now-- buy five pairs and get the sixth free!  Use the promo code FRIENDSHIP.  You...

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Updates to website

  I made a lot of great updates to the website today.  I added the awesome banner on the front page, that you see above.  I cleaned up the front page a lot so you can see all six sock designs in my first collection, right there under the banner.  I added the happy little hello  I added FAQs from all the questions I've been asked recently. I added three packs and I'm working on a sock of the month club that hopefully I will get up and running soon. I added my sales rep's contact info. I'm really excited--...

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Where does your inspiration come from?

An arrangement I made from dried flowers   I've been thinking a lot about where I want this business to go and what it is about.  Often I feel like fashion is just inspired by airheadedness and consumerism.   That's not me and that's not my designs for Peony and Moss.  Sometimes it brings me down because I do love fashion and design and art. Yesterday I read about Scarlet and Gold they are inspired by their Christian faith.  That's not me either but I like that it's a lot more inspiring than what Beyonce's been up to.  I've been...

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Caribbean Photo Shoot-I'm on a boat

British Virgin Islands Caribbean fashion I'm on a boat modeling photo shoot socks startup

    I had an amazing opportunity to photograph Peony and Moss on the Caribbean!  I'm not sure socks on a boat makes sense, or that it's "on brand," but who care's, I'm on a boat!  My husband, Rob, is completely obsessed with sailing, and decided we should charter a boat in the British Virgin Islands.  It was surprisingly difficult to find 5 friends to come along.  Luckily, beautiful and talented photographer Erin Danna came along to both photograph and model my socks!      -Eva Spitzer, Designer    

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