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Ideas for Enjoying January

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Hi Sock Lover,
Peony and Moss is all about winter, but did you know January is considered the most depressing time of year?  Next Monday is Blue Monday- the most depressing day of the year.  I know other people don't like winter, but it's my favorite season.  I've always loved January.  We've got all our Christmas presents to play with.  I love the snow and cold weather, and best of all, my birthday is January 8th!   There are so many ways to enjoy January, there's really no reason to be depressed.  I want to share with you why I love this season, and the things I've been enjoying.
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It's the hibernation time of year.  We get to enjoy being at home, resting, reading, and cooking.  It's important to rest this time of year so we have the energy for all the spring, summer, and fall activities.  This is when our bodies and minds recover.

I had a wonderful party  for my birthday on Sunday.  I made two big pots of Cincinnati chili and invited over everyone I know in Seattle.  Even if it's not your birthday, you can still have a big party an invite all your friends over for chili!  Two people who came to my party googled it because they didn't know what Cincinnati chili was.  It's a spicy tomato and hamburger chili served of spaghetti with lots of cheddar cheese on top!  It's major comfort food for everyone from Cincinnati, and the city is full of chili restaurants. Here's a recipe.
I also joined the Junior League, a women's organization for building leaders and serving the community.  I've been enjoying meeting like minded women, attending training to develop my leadership skills, and volunteering in the community.  It's been a wonderful way to get involved in the local Seattle community-- I've met people I wouldn't have met, and learned skills I wouldn't have learned, and learned about many community programs serving Seattle.  If you're looking to get out of the house some this winter, joining a club is a great way to go.
I haven't been skiing yet buy I'm excited to go.  I absolutely love snow, and it doesn't snow much at all in downtown Seattle, where I live.  But just a short drive into the mountains, and it's a winter wonderland.  Rob and I have cross country skis that we'll take up into the pass one day soon.
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And when I get back from skiing or going out into the winter world, I like to come home and curl up with a nice mug of hot chocolate.  I like to make my own by heating milk and adding cocoa powder and sugar.  You're never too old.
 I've been trying to enrich my mind by reading 50 pages a day.  I haven't met my goal, but having one keeps my motivated.  I have a whole big stack of books I'd like to read this year.  Right now I'm reading The Little Paris Bookshop, which my mom gave me for Christmas.  It's about a bookseller who runs a bookstore on a barge in Paris.
 They say the Danish are the happiest people in the world, and one of the reasons is because they love being cozy in winter.  The Danish word for it is Hygge.  Here's an article from the New York Times explaining the concept.  One of they ways to embrase hygge is to light lots of candles.  I love candles and oil lamps to make my house feel cozy in winter.
 I've also been enjoying curling up with my husband and cat every night and watching Netflix.  We just finished The Crown, about Queen Elizabeth's early years as Queen.  After a week in Mexico with friends, and a week in New York with family, I'm enjoying having the house just to ourselves.
We do leave the house sometimes.  The Seattle Arboretum is beautiful this time of year, full of unique plants and animals, and empty for us to enjoy.  My favorite plant is the moss, and my favorite animal is the sea ducks.
I hope I've given you some cozy ideas and motivated you to enjoy this wonderful season! Do any of these resonate with you?  How do you feel about winter?  Let me know what you're doing to stay warm and have fun this month!  Just reply to this email.
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