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I love shopping on Poshmark

I love shopping on Poshmark because I'm too creative to shop in stores like a normal person.  I'm a designer.  I imagine what I'd like to wear, and then I find that what I want isn't in stores.  I love coming up with something I want to wear, and searching for it on Poshmark-- there's always lots of options to consider.  My first purchase was a pair of nike sneakers.  I wanted a pair, but they're so expensive new, and I have to be frugal to have the money to run my own business, since I don't get a salary.  I found a beautiful pair from someone who had bought them and never worn them.  
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Last year I decided it would be fun to get a special outfit for valentines day.  My husband never makes much of the holiday, but I like to do special things that make it fun for me.  Also, my family in New Orleans celebrates every holiday all out-- which made me start to realize how little Seattle seems to celebrate-- so I make a special effort to make my own party.  I thought about what I wanted... I decided on a high-low pleated skirt, a silk camisole, and a pink v-neck sweater.  Here are the items I bought on Poshmark 
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  I then wore this outfit to several occasions and was totally out of place.  No one in Seattle wears pink, let alone a pink skirt in winter, but I loved making my own style decisions and following my own sense of style, and feeling really pretty.  One occasion was a 4 year old's birthday party-- I was dressed more like the kids than the moms, but I wore it for the birthday girl, not the moms.  Clothes should be fun.
As summer approached, I wanted something special to wear out with friends. I bought some Ugg sandals and a floral summer dress.  I wore the sandals almost every day all summer, and wore the dress to several backyard barbecues.
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That's only a few of my Poshmark purchases.  I buy almost everything on Poshmark these days.  I love that I can use the funds I earn from sales to buy things for myself!
I joined Poshmark two years ago with the thought that I might sell some items from my closet.  I had a few blogger friends that were using it.  I took a horrible photo of a cheap pair of boots and posted them, then promptly forgot about the app.  Then Lauren from Poshmark emailed my business, Peony and Moss socks, about being part of their wholesale portal.  To be honest, I didn't think much would come of it, but I said sure, why not.  I sold out the day the wholesale portal opened, and I proceeded to sell as quickly as I could list things, until I finally hired someone to list items for me.
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This summer, I was invited to show my line, Peony and Moss, to Poshmark sellers at Poshmarket, a wholesale show within Poshfest.  Poshfest was amazing.  It was so great to meet other people who love thrifting--just like me.  I don't sell thrifted items on Poshmark, I sell my own designs, but I have loved thrifting since high school.  Everything I'm wearing right now is second hand, and so is most of my wardrobe.  I just love vintage and second hand way more than new.  It has so much more character.  And here was a whole event full of people that feel the same as me-- I no longer felt a little odd for wearing used clothes-- I fit right in!  Plus we're all amazingly stylish.
At Poshmarket, it was amazing to meet fans of my line!  Poshers that have been selling my line since last winter came up and introduced themselves.  One Posher was even wearing my socks!  I can't tell you how wonderful it is to talk to people who love what you're doing.  And it was wonderful for them to see my line in person, to touch the socks and see how soft they are.  It was so great to put faces with the names I see in the app.  My socks were even in a runway show. Inline image 8
This was huge for me.  It was the first time my designs were in a fashion show.  I went to fashion design school, but my designs were never selected to be in the end of year show.  I studied abroad my senior year, and as a result wasn't allowed to show my line in the senior show.  But here were my socks, featured in the Poshfest fashion show!  It felt so good.
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And then I was selected to speak on a panel with other brand owners who sell in the wholesale app.  I got to be poshfamous!  Tracy Sun, founder of Poshfest, asked us what we love about Poshmark.  I told the crowd, sure I love that I make money on the app, but what I really love is the community.  I love feeling like people like what I'm doing, love my designs, and appreciate my work.  I was chosen to sell on the wholesale app, I was chosen to show at Poshmarket, I was asked to speak on a panel.  Before I started my own line, I was never once promoted at a job.  I was never appreciated or told I was doing a good job.  I knew I could do it, and it has been so amazing to finally find success working for myself.  I bet a lot of Poshers have day jobs they don't like or aren't recognized for, but they've found success on Poshmark.  That's the magic of the Poshmark community.
I was so sad when Poshfest ended!  Such a wonderful community had come together from all over the country.  It's amazing what the Poshmark team has created.  I love being part of such a wonderful community of women entrepreneurs.  Poshmark is an easy, fun way for all of us to find success starting and running our own businesses.  Thanks Poshmark!
Find me on the wholesale portal @peonymoss  -Eva Spitzer

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