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How do you Deal With Being Exhausted?

A friend asked me how I deal with being exhausted after work, to have time and energy to work on creative things.

I told her we all get run down and need to recharge. Taking care of your health is so important, eating healthy, sleeping, resting.

For me, when my brain is too tired, I take a long break. I love to have a glass of wine and a snack, and watch a favorite tv show for an hour and just completely veg out, then afterwards I feel refreshed and spend an hour working.

I spend a lot of recharging time- taking a long bubble bath, reading a romance novel, watching a favorite tv show, snuggling with my husband, petting my cat, cooking a healthy dinner, spending time with friends.

Making time for fun and rest is necessary for having the energy to work hard-- and honestly it helps us remember why we're working so hard.

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