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We're Moving!


I've been working on a big project for a while now.  It won't show up on the front end-- it's a behind the scenes thing.  I'm hiring a fulfillment company to handle the shipping for Peony and Moss.  Up until now, I've been shipping out of my house.  I was shipping myself until last fall, and then I hired someone to help out of my house.  I've got a big house, but last fall we had socks in every room of it.  

I'm excited about having the room to expand.  I've had to keep inventory low, and be careful not to bring in too many new styles, because I literally didn't have room.  I have so many plans.  I'd like to do a whole run of basic colors in thigh highs and crews.  I'm working on kids socks, and I'd like to do men's socks.  Now I just need to get all these socks out of here so I can stop worrying about logistics and get back to design!

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