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Introducing the new Tea Party Collection

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Our new tea collection line is made in the USA with USA made lace, with natural undyed cotton for a sweet, boho style.

PM-091R Red Heather Lace Short Socks
PM-091I Ivory Lace Short Socks

PM-091B Black Lace Short Socks
PM-094B Black Lace Knee High Bernadette
PM-092I Ivory Herringbone Crew

PM-093I Herringbone Ivory Thigh High
*I apologize for the unfortunate similarity the name of this collection has to a certain political party.  This collection is about having a civilized tea with good friends, English Earl Grey tea, antique china, and lace-trim napkins.  The name was inspired be a beautiful brunch spot in Hawaii called Cream Pot.

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