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Black Thigh High Socks

Here at Peony and Moss headquarters in Seattle, it seems like  go out in Capitol Hill,  I see two or three girls wearing black thigh high socks and shorts.  I pre-sold half my inventory of solid black thigh high socks before I even added them to the collection, because stores kept  just asking for them and writing the order even though we didn't have them.  Well the new solid black thigh highs are now in stock and ready to ship.  

My new assistant, Kara, and I put together this photoshoot to get you excited. The first look the black thigh highs are styled with black heels, a grey striped mini dress, and a long gold horse shoe necklace.  In the second look the black thigh highs are styled with black boots, a vintage jacket, and an oversized knit hat.
 Have you been reading the fall magazines?  It seemed like every page of Vogue and W were covered in fur.  I couldn't believe it!  (especially living in Seattle where it seems like everyone is vegetarian).  I styled the black thigh highs with my husband's Nordstrom camel hair coat (also all over Vogue).  I tried to find the name of this type of coat and found this quote from Bazaar, "From luxurious furs at Michael Kors, to opera-length toppers at Protagonist and Misha Nonoo and the continued reign of heavy-duty shearlings, see the outerwear that we're adding to our mental wishlist."  Opera length toppers and luxurious furs!  This fall is all about cozy, with lots of bohemian layers.

Made of super soft, tick & cozy cotton in North Carolina, the black thigh highs are $34 in our shop.  Designed by me and made exclusively for Peony and Moss.  
Have a great week!  Talk to you soon!

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