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Updates to website

I made a lot of great updates to the website today.  I added the awesome banner on the front page, that you see above.  I cleaned up the front page a lot so you can see all six sock designs in my first collection, right there under the banner.  I added the happy little hello 
I added FAQs from all the questions I've been asked recently.
I added three packs and I'm working on a sock of the month club that hopefully I will get up and running soon.
I added my sales rep's contact info.
I'm really excited-- it's been a great, busy week.  We also received a record number of online sales this week-- I guess my hard work paid off!  Please take a minute to look around.
I'm really excited about the new sock of the month club-- Now you don't have to decide which pair you want or which ones to buy right now-- they'll arrive at your door as an exciting surprise.  It's a great way to keep your sock drawer fresh-- let's face it, we all have a drawer full of old socks that need replacing, but who wants to run an errand just to pick up some socks?  With the Peony and Moss sock of the month club, you have an exciting gift to look forward to each month.
Eva Spitzer- Designer

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